Is Anger the Fever or the Infection?

​A fever isn’t the problem. It’s a symptom of the problem. It’s a sign that the body is fighting infection. But, let us not be confused, infection is the thing that needs to be resolved.

We are even told not to treat a fever unless it gets too high. A fever has a job. The fever is literally sweating out the bad. So, if the fever isn’t dangerous, it’s best to let it run its course. 

Anger is a sign.

Anger is similar. Anger is not the root cause; rather, it’s a symptom. Anger shows up to fight, but it never starts the brawl. Anger is a sign that something deeper is going on. And, yes, anger needs to be treated when it becomes the biggest problem on deck. But when we focus on anger, we may never get to its source.

We can keep focusing on anger, or we can look at the infection. Where did the pain begin? What did the initial damage? What chronic problem is at the core?

So, what will you do?

Anger can be all consuming. We might have a hard time seeing anything else. But, let us not be confused, anger is secondary. Anger, like a fever, is a sign that a deeper infection needs to be healed.

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