sporty boxer

I’m a Sore Loser

Seriously, there are few things that piss me off more than losing. When someone tells me I can’t achieve something, it goes on my bucket list and I fight as if I’m dying tomorrow. Often when something is “impossible,” I literally FIND A WAY. You tell me “No.” and I hear a dare. The only way I will concede is if the goal is evil or I truly believe no one person or group on earth today has the time, skill, or resources to deliver in my life time. As a result, I’m not currently in pursuit of human immortality. 😉

What this means for me is that when I see people or organizations or communities failing, I get mad. I get so mad, I want to swoop in and fix the problem. Of course, I can’t fix every problem. I personally don’t have the time, skills, and resources to conquer any and every goal. Sometimes I have to let go. So sometimes my anger festers and provokes me into a fight.

Literally choosing my battles.

As much as I can’t stand losing, I have to accept it more often than I like to admit. If I don’t walk away from some battles, I can’t focus on others. If I can’t focus I can’t unleash my wrath on any one specific goal. If I can’t unleash, I have no outlet and the anger wins.

So I fight.

I let anger push me to my limits. I stand up in the face of fatigue, fear, humiliation. I invest every ounce of my being. I can’t always win. But “I will not lose!” (Marcella Cross). 

Is anger destroying you or motivating you? Is anger your enemy or your ally? Is anger the goal or merely part of the fight? I CHOOSE to wield anger. I choose my battles… and I win.