Anger, the Super Power

Anger is no joke.

Anger is nature’s solution to threats. Animals need anger in order to fight harder, run faster and look scarier when their survival is at stake. Only the strongest, smartest and most cunning creatures survive. Anger makes this possible. 

Even though we live in a civilized world where most concerns are not life-threatening, we’re still animals and we have the superpower of anger at our disposal. When we get angry, we can be stronger and faster. The problem is that we aren’t usually facing a bear in the wild. When we get angry, we don’t have to summon all our power to survive. In fact, anger often leads to an over reaction in the face of whatever threat we are actually facing. 

Anger is a super power.

Anger is powerful. Anger is substantial. The question is, are we using just the right amount of anger at the right times? 

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