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Anger Management

Identify. Diffuse. See the early signs of anger. De-escalate and express yourself in a healthy way.

Conflict Resolution

Facilitate. Cooperate. Use active listening and take responsibility for agreement. Resolution is fully within your control.

Strategic Communications

Listen. Express. Apply the power of effective communications to achieve goals and send messages that matter most.

Emotional Intelligence

Learn. Empathize. Understand multiple perspectives and gain objectivity to achieve productivity, peace and success.


Hey Juliana, thanks for all your help…. The letter was excellent in court and so was the certificate. I learned a lot from your course and appreciate all you have done.
Magnifico! Great passion, empathy and understanding of others. I mostly liked Juliana’s personal reflections, openness and the way she engaged the class.
Thank you, Juliana, for helping me understand me!!! We are responsible for our realities. May yours be all you wish; I know now mine will be. Thanks!